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01-21-2004, 07:06 PM
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roman's playing much better after his injury. for the first time this year, i see a "starter" goalie that is better then our backup. am i sold on him? not yet, i haven't seen him do well enough for a long period of time for him to convince me. am i happy he's doing better then huet? hell yea, anytime we get a better goalie is a great thing.

but one thing ill have to still make clear. huet was playing during the time that our team was slumping and our defense was atrocious. when cechmanek returned, we CONTINUED our slump and he was not the one to get us out of it. we played 6 more winless games before we finally won one game. so is cechmanek the reason for us doing better? no, becuase his return didn't mark any change in how we were doing.

but anyways, i'm glad cech is now doing somethign right for now. i already said it before, i think huet is too weak in his first periods and has disappointed me. but we'll see how both goalies turn out as more games come around...

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