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Originally Posted by Chimp View Post
Fixed. Don't you dare try to make this sound like some opinion of the majority to give your own opinion more weight. If it was as bad as you insinuate, Lundqvist wouldn't have been a Vezina nominee and considered a world class goaltender - by experts, journalists, coaches, fans, players and even fan rivals alike - basically every season he plays. Do you have any sort of reference to how many soft goals other goaltenders on other teams give up on a yearly basis? Bascially every starter get benched at times during their careers due to extended poor play and a loss in self confidence. Most goalies have bad stretches that basically last entire seasons. That has never happened with Hank. Do you understand what that means? I think you do.

Modern hockey and especially goaltending is a game of inches. You're bound to allow stupid goals from time to time, based on the law of averages. No one can perform the perfect season. Live with it. I repeat: You have the "Lundqvist" syndrome. Having him as the starter for 8 years now has made you extremely spoiled when it comes to goaltending. When Lundqvist retires and a most probably less stellar goaltender will be the starter, you will understand exactly what I mean. Then you will have a reference for "too many softies".

So, how do you improve from "world class" and as I quote a NY journalist the first time he saw Lundqvist practice: "He moved side to side faster than any goalie I've ever seen and his ability to stay onto the puck was phenomenal."? Lundqvist was the whole package the moment he signed with the Rangers. How much can you improve from that? And I disagree, especially Hank's glove hand is much more active now than it was at the start of his NHL career. Before, he tried to make the shot hit his glove, now he's more of trying to actively catch it. Honestly, I think you're one of those people who can't appreciate a player's career until it is over. Then you appreciate it, until then, you seem to demand perfection.

As for his contract and the danger it will become bloated, that's a whole other discussion I think. Hopefully, Hank takes a discount, because the team is still too weak and too flawed not to.
Great, we agree 100% with one another on your last statement.

I want what any other loyal Rangers fan wants which is to see our longest tenured and best player lead a team talented enough to compete for and ultimately win a cup!

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