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11-15-2013, 01:58 PM
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Had one the other day. I play for my CA (Chartered Accounting) firm in a league made up of other firms and one team that's made up of all CMAs (Certified Management Accountants). We always have pretty solid games against each other and love to give each other **** the whole game. There's always a rivalry between the professions in just about anything. I was playing right wing and their left winger loved to talk, never said anything substantial just really enjoyed the sound of his own voice.
He was the last guy back to pick up the puck in his end on the PP and I was pressuring him. He tries a boneheaded cross-ice pass with me right in the lane, flubs it, I pick it off and score. We go to centre ice for the faceoff and he's quiet so I look over at him and say, "Now I see why you're only a CMA." He was livid, my teammates - and his - lost it.

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