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11-15-2013, 02:37 PM
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I cant afford 150+ a month yet. I am looking into it soon though.
Another issue is their class schedules. Its not always as easy to just get up and go inside and work out on your time. I have a bad schedule and sooo, thats been a challenge. Probably the biggest.

I know some crossfit places are not the best trained. Some trainers think barking like a dog and making guys go through their maxes will be the best. They forget the #1 rules at Crossfit, its all about form, balance and flexibility.

But I also put the blame on the athletes themselves.

I know two people who got Rhabdo from Crossfit. Common Crossfit injury. It doesnt happen because you DID crossfit. Its because you went past your limit and your body was dehydrated. So the same thing when your doing complex olympic lifts. Your not realizing when your body is saying NO and your listeing to the barking dog.

Anyway. Like I said. Crossfit has made me learn so much more about metabolic conditioning, functional strength and nutrition and recovery and I never stepped in their gyms once.

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