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11-15-2013, 02:49 PM
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Originally Posted by SJeasy View Post
I have a hard time with your views because they are consistently prejudiced to the general view which is generally out of date.
Out of date

How's your prediction that the Sharks were going to be crap in the near future going?

The upshot of your view is that he could be in walker or wheelchair and you would still want him.
No your just making crap up.

He wasn't injured all of last year and when he wasn't he had the same issues that I was spotting. He has gotten more conservative. I have never been a super fan of Boyle but I acknowledge that at one time he was one of the best offensive guys out there, including the skating, passing, entries, etc. He isn't any longer.
He was injured enough, which shortened his season even more than the shortened season itself and you posting stats trying to prove he's fallen off a cliff time after time without any acknowledgement of these facts give your opinion on the matter little credence.

I acknowledge the necessity of the PP to get to the playoffs. I don't want them sitting around 15-17% because it will put too much pressure on other parts of the team's game. But if they can maintain 20% and gain in 5on5 play, I wouldn't have a problem either. I don't know that they can hit 20% without Boyle, but I think it would be close. I don't think they could hit 20% if they lost both Boyle and JT. I also think they could close on 20% without JT but with Boyle.

The team issue is when his presence becomes a model for others or they wait around until he does it. Just like waiting for JT to do it. All of them have to do it. Right now, that is press initiation of the attack. You don't do that by hanging onto the puck until everyone is ready. That method has failed for many teams.
Boyle is not a model for others and shouldn't be. Boyle is a fairly unique defensemen IMO. I don't really care about the rest as there would have to be some miracle trade to see either JT or Boyle leave the team to change anything a few percentage points and if that happens I'll judge it then.


I agree he's probably lost a step. But when your near the top of the Empire State building and go down a few floors you're still higher than just about everyone else.


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