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11-15-2013, 03:12 PM
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Originally Posted by Thesensation19 View Post
Hey, then that is a whole different animal.
If thats what you want to do, then I am sure your doing what you want.

And I respect that. Body Building and strength sports in general. I respect it all.

But if were talking hockey and hockey training. I dont understand why peoples work outs consist of 1 day (1-2 hours of) chest. Then one day of legs. Then one day of biceps and back. And so on... Most, doing 3-4 days of isolated movements and their typical 2-4 days of hockey. Honestly. I laugh at that hockey training.

I laugh even more when they sacrifice form of their squats and bench and all lifts for more weight.

Basically. They have the idea to get stronger (in a sport) is to get bigger and to lift like Arnold Swarch and what not
Oh yea, totally. To be good at X, train for X. No way around that one to guarantee success. I was just going on about my prior successes and goals and offering a "here's why you need a real plan in the gym" thought process. You certainly know but so many don't - that simply lifting in any manner doesn't mean anything.

I was fanatical about BB and PL for a while after my hockey career, then out of nowhere I got back into hockey. As I mentioned, I was 70lbs. heavier from when I stopped skating years prior. Beyond that, not only were my legs 10 years' worth of being out of shape but moreover they'd been trained for other purposes. I'm sure you can imagine the fun that was to overcome

A lack of quality form is everywhere though, I do my best to ignore it because it's never going away. Bad form, funny exercises, ridiculous routines, etc. Nothing's better than when a huge guy uses some lighter weights for hypertrophy purposes and gets funny looks from little twigs using their entire body to move a 50lb. weight in an awful motion

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