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Originally Posted by billingtons ghost View Post
You have your opinions, I have mine. No problem.

And this is exactly why stats monkeys are tough to have arguments with. SV% comes bounding in.

Jon Casey battling his way through the playoffs with the NoStars a couple of years later put on a better goaltending display than Hrudey did in all of his years with the Islanders and Kings. That's why I'd choose him - that said, it's not like Arturs Irbe should be in the top 60..

I'll agree with the 80-90 placement.

I can almost agree with McLean, but Moog, I think, was a very good goaltender.

Btw - I really hope 'brodeurisafraud' weblog guy decides to revisit his numbers this year, based upon the fact that there is likely to be a 50-50 split in starts between Schneider and Brodeur - and that Schneider has always had a higher save percentage.

I'm not saying that because I think behind the same defense Marty will post a better save % than Cory, but I want to see the Shots Against differential.

I would say that Brodeur's puck handling saves him at least 5 shots per game - and in that a game against the Rangers last week, Cory would have faced 45 shots instead of the 35 that Marty faced.

If Marty's puck handling caused him to face just one less shot per game, the holy stat of lifetime SV% which is held up as a knock against him would go up to .916.

If he faced 5 less per game, his lifetime SV% would be .927.

And that's not like having a defense that blocks shots for you - it's the goaltender making the difference.

My point is that someone like Hextall might be criminally undervalued based on his SV% alone.
I'm only responding to the part about Casey... we're talking about 1989 here, which was the year you chose. In 89 he was not in any way ahead of Hrudey. In fact, following his finals run might have been the only brief time he was.

Originally Posted by billingtons ghost View Post
and one more thing - thanks for the Peeters post. He was one of my absolute favorites with Boston and when he got to the Caps. Never understood why he wasn't ever in any top goalies conversation. Now I do.

Couldn't ever understand why those Caps teams weren't better -
He was, he definitely was considering he made a first all-star team and was 4th in voting a few times. Just not in 1989. The point of the bio was to he was no.longer highly regarded by then.

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