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11-15-2013, 06:05 PM
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I'm picking up my PS4 this week... I won it in a raffle. Deciding whether to sell that or the XBox that I happened to win in a different raffle. I'll probably wait until Black Friday to list it. Keep the reviews coming, please.
If you play alot of multi-platform games then keep the ps4. The extra power of the ps4 is going to ensure that almost all muiti-plats will look and run better on Sonys machine. And the extra power of the ps4 isnt locked behind exotic processor architectures that almost no one knows how to program for like they were in past playstations like the cell in ps3 meaning that it wont be too long before that power difference between the ps4 and xbox one start to show up.
If your into online multi-player then it might be a toss-up. I really believe that Sony has put alot of work into improving the psn and that it will be equal to xbox live in terms of online gaming this gen.
Btw I do have an Xbox One on pre-order - I will use it for exclusives this gen.

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