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Originally Posted by MandyAlwaysKnows View Post
Sens have no reason to deal Cowen for two old farts, one of which was traded for almost nothing, the other of which is a rental. Hence, the pick. Doesn't mean it's fair but that's what the Sens would want
I get that Cowen is off limits, but I see this thread as "Sens looking for a Top 6 winger" and not as the Flames looking for a d-man. If you're the fanbase looking for a player, you can do it on your own terms. Now I get that you're not willing to part with Cowen, but just say so. Say you won't give him up w/o a big overpayment. That's fair. But saying he's worth that package you listed, is worthy.

Also, since when is 27 an old fart?

I get he wasn't traded for fair value, but if you knew anything about the Oilers at all, you'd know that the Smid trade was AWFUL for the Oilers. GM's, believe it o not, don't always make the best trades. Again, I get you want an overypayment for Cowen. When I see dumbasses posting Subban for X threads, even if they're Habs fans, I ask for an obscene overpayment, because he's 'that' off the table. That said, Cowen is not worth such a crazy deal. As well, you could simply say he's off the table, rather than posting a dumb offer.

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