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11-15-2013, 06:55 PM
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Originally Posted by token grinder View Post
re-watch the last game. I recall a few times Hornquist getting dumped on his keester and everyone's favorite whipping boy Legwand was the one sticking up for him, exchanging pleasantries, facewashing etc. No one wants to see that though. It makes criticisms like this junk.
Originally Posted by Smashville615 View Post
Pulling out all the stops in his contract year. $ hungry
Originally Posted by triggrman View Post
lol, he's damned either way.

He plays well, he's only doing it because he's in a contract year (nevermind that he played well last season too.) If he doesn't he has not heart.
Originally Posted by Smashville615 View Post
Yep he has a nack for doing all the little things and being decent in a contract year. Sorry but i just wanted a lot more out Legwand over his career based on where he was drafted.
Originally Posted by Drake744 View Post
I've never liked that argument. He was drafted number 2 because that's where scouting put him. Hes been a solid two-way player for us since 1999. I don't care where he was drafted, that's impressive.
Originally Posted by token grinder View Post
Thank you. I am glad I am not the only one who sees this. Legwand is a good player, not a generational talent or even a go to guy. It has been 15 years. Time to accept it. by this same logic, Horquist, Rinne, Erat, etc. should never have sniffed the NHL
Originally Posted by dulzhok View Post
Yes his .5 ppg last year was just fabulous, and lead us to the magical land of lottery picks.

We'll see if Legwand keeps up the same scoring clip.. a clip only matched during his last contact year 7 freakin' years ago.

He definitely has an extra gear that he selectively uses-- typically playoffs and contact years. Unfortunately, I've seen the other 12 seasons where he hasn't used that gear.
"B-O-U-R-Q-U-E" sure is a funny way of spelling Legwand.

I don't know about cards, but, uh, I think these four-fives beat a full house. Hey banker, cash me out, yo.
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