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11-15-2013, 07:05 PM
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What makes Hendricks dangerous is his ability to quickly close distance and "get inside" to land that left hook. See his KOs of Fitch and Kampmann

GSP has faced powerful strikers before but no one who can pull that kind of stuff. Guys like Koscheck , BJ , Alves , Condit....all guys with heavy hands but none has that snap rush-blitz ability + power combo that Hendricks possess.

That said i think Hendricks only advantages are that closing distance ability and power. GSP is better everywhere else (technical striking , cardio , versatibility , kicks , reach , BJJ , experience , gameplanning etc) and i do believe that if the fight hits the ground that he's gonna otuwrestle Big Riggs. If GSP can stay on the outside and avoid those Hendricks blitz then he's gonna win quite easily imho. If Hendricks does catch GSP with one of those bombs however...then all bets are off.

All in all i favor GSP but i do think Hendricks is his most dangerous opponent in a while.

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