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11-15-2013, 07:15 PM
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Originally Posted by A1 View Post
I'm just really hoping GSP doesn't make the fight boring. You have to love the guy because he's from here, but **** he's boring. I hope Hendricks knocks him out.
Yeah, it's boring, but very effective. You have to go with what works.

Funny enough, I also happen to follow a little bit of chess and there's a world championship match going on right now. Magnus Carlsen (challenger, 22 yo) vs. the old champ, Vishy Anand (around 43 yo).

Carlsen is really the chess equivalent of GSP. He grinds down his opponents in lenghty endgames, not taking any risks, not going for the quick KO, but capitalizing on small mistakes, etc.

I actually enjoy watching these guys (GSP and Carlsen), trying to achieve maximal result with minimal risk and a very methodical approach.

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