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11-16-2013, 07:59 AM
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Originally Posted by kovazub94 View Post
I can't get emotionally invested in an inferior product. Granted it is easier to tie yourself to a team / league that you can go see live but I honestly can't make myself watch MLS after watching Arsenal vs. Liverpool for example or just in geneal years of watching EPL.
Its a difference of philosophy. I watch the NHL and NFL not because they are the best league but because they are here. If the KHL passed the NHL in quality would that become your top league to watch?

There was only one way this was gong to work. If Garber let the big MLS teams spend, 3or 4 teams would have all the good players and all the fans. You know, kind of like European leagues. MLS will never be able to create a Barcelona because 40% of Spain roots for Barca and their team receives massive government financial assistance every year. It's basically a subsidized supercorporation.

Edit: I don't mean to suggest that people shouldn't follow other leagues. That is their decision. I have mine, and am sort of tired of getting snobby looks when I wear a Dane Richards jersey somewhere.

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