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11-16-2013, 08:53 AM
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Originally Posted by sparkle twin View Post
It's too bad a hockey game doesn't end after 10 minutes. That was a great 10 minutes by the Preds! They were controlling the game, playing well on defense, and even scored and had the lead!

Then we give up one goal..... Which by the way, how are you not prepared for that? Pittsburgh is known for having set plays and that is one that they do ALL the time! James Neal and Pascal Dupuis BOTH said after the game that they practice that faceoff play EVERY day in practice! This is what happens when you lollygag at the faceoff circle, you let the other team be able to run a damn set play. BE READY AT THE FACEOFF!

I don't understand. We lost our goalie. We are not missing any forwards. How do you just stop scoring? How do you just stop doing the basic things that made you successful just a few games ago?

This is not the same hardworking team that we saw a week ago. They don't look focused or into the game at all. There is no energy, no passion. Just a whole lot of nothing. This is a very sad team.

Even if we were still losing, but at scores of 5-4 or 4-3, it would still suck but at least I would feel like the team actually has a chance of winning or is at least competitive. Right now, especially after tonight's game, they don't even look competitive.

There are too many individuals trying to do everything by themselves. The team panics if they give up one goal and lose all their senses. Some guys look like they are scared to make a mistake, so they try to be perfect but they end up out of position and make even more mistakes.

Earlier in the season they were firing everything at the net, now they come into the zone just looking for a pass. Of course then the intended recipient is never aware of the pass coming and the puck gets turned over. And if they are so insistent on passing, how is it that no one can complete a simple pass?

Why is no one driving to the net anymore? It pisses me off that when someone enters the zone they stop before the top of the circles to look for a pass. I don't remember if it was NY or NJ but in one of those games Gg came into the zone with the puck and stopped maybe a foot inside the blue line. He was immediately pressured and because he was so close to the blue line the puck was pushed out of the zone with ease. Carry the puck into the zone and either you or a teammate DRIVE TO THE NET!! And if you're waiting for a line change to complete, then at least get the puck deep before you turn it over.

And I don't understand dumping the puck in if you're not going to be the first one to get to the puck. We constantly get beat to the puck and if we do happen to get there first we end up losing the battle along the boards.

The third period tonight was horrible. It looked like we were killing a penalty for 20 minutes. I think the Pens ran their 3/4 lines for most of that period and we still couldn't get anything going. For crying out loud just put the puck on net. We were down 4-1 in the third. That's down by 3 goals. We had all of 3 shots in the third period. Clearly, we weren't perfect going 3-3 in the third. Just take a shot. From anywhere. At this point, what did they have to lose? Put it on net, shoot for a rebound (although that would require someone to go to the net), shoot to blast it through the net, whatever, just get it on net.

Mazanec made some pretty big saves. That glove save was highlight reel material for sure!


I'm glad Nystrom says he feels fine (let's see how he feels when he wakes up Saturday). That was kind of scary watching him struggle to get up and get off the ice.
Well said Sparkle. I see the same things and it is getting stupid.

This team has been dead in the water ever sense the game against the Jets when the Preds were going blow for blow with them but are goalie couldn't stop a beach ball and their goalie was lights out. Trotz had his suit allnin a wad in thr intermission interview and i got a feeling something happened in the locker room. I think the guya are tired of playing Trotz conservative scared of the world system. He has lost this team from what i see.

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