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11-16-2013, 09:02 AM
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Originally Posted by Montreal Shadow View Post
These dangles between the skates, these rushes when the crowd cheers him that are absolutely unnecessary, these dekes when he gets rid of an opponent chasing him. He wasn't doing that last year. Now we have shades of Subban from his rookie year, trying to do too much by himself instead of keeping it clean and simple.

Lately, he's been slapping a lot more than he used to. People knows how dangerous his slapshot is and usually, when he'd see them positioned to block it, he'd just blast a wrister straight to the net or fake a shot then pass to create a chance. He's become predictable the last few games, just like he was a few years ago. He does to many complicated things that are flashy and simply ineffective. I was amazed by how fast and simple was his game like years, he was always doing the smart thing instead of the flashy one. It's been the exact opposite for a few games.

His game had matured when he won his Norris but now it's regressed. Don't get me wrong, he's much better than two years ago as his rushes actually work now but what's the point of doing them if nobody can complete? As a dman, he can't shoot often after rushing the puck up the ice because if he does and the goalie gives a rebound, it opens the team up to an odd man rush and he doesn't want that.

Why can't he just shoot the puck when he has to, protect it and just pass when there is no option to shoot? He can protect a puck like almost no one in the league but when doing the fancy dekes, he often ends up losing it or the player chasing him closes in and pokes it away.

You don't have to impress us Subban. Just play like you did last year or at the beginning of the year.
Baloney . Subbans effectiveness is in his unpredictability and deception. The puck can't go in the net on every play. When Pk makes any move that draws attention to himself is a play that frees up another player and that usually means more chances to score.

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