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11-16-2013, 12:26 PM
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Originally Posted by Chris Cutter View Post
Yeah the same guy with inferior stand-up than Hendricks who almost finished GSP...

Hendricks has Knockout Power in both hands (Kampmann and Fitch agree). He landed some big shots against Condit (something GSP didn't do during their fight). The question in this fight is who's wrestling is better, we all know how good Hendricks was in college. If the fight goes to championship rounds then GSP wins, no doubt. I'm curious by the outcome of tonight's fight.
It was Hendricks wrestling that beat Condit and when he took him down he really didn't do much. His ground game is awful. GSP is way more technical then Condit, what is hendricks going to do if he can't get his left hand in? Attepmt a take down?

Hendricks really has to go balls out right away and hope he lands the left if he doesn't its all over. GSP could get caught but he is way to smart to get beaten by a one trick pony.

If you look back at Hendricks other fights he has gone the distance with good wrestlers and gets tired. That and the guys he KO'd are not the most impressive fighters.

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