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11-16-2013, 01:22 PM
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Originally Posted by swiftwin View Post
Wow, so much misinformation I don't even know where to start. First of all, lifting weights doesn't automatically make you big. In fact, power lifting is completely different from body building, and the objective is not to "bulk up" like body builders do.

Second of all, **** like P90x and crossfit is for fat unfit people trying to get into shape, not athletes or people who are already fit and looking to improve whatever sport they are playing.

You need time between sets to allow your muscles to recover, and maximize the strength building. Like I said, weight lifting is a supplement to whatever sport you play, so you should already be in good shape. You are trying to gain strength that would otherwise be unattainable though whatever practice/playing regimen you already do for your sport.

This must be seconded. Powerlifting is a sport unto itself and the athletes train accordingly. It's not simply "lifting as heavy as you can". Any idiot can do that. A great deal of powerlifting training revolves around speed work to train the movements, to some moreso than training for a max number unlike what the average Joe does in the gym.

When the heavy weights do come into play, as stated, there is a REASON powerlifters rest for minutes at a time. Your muscles and CNS need time to become ready to go. When absolute top strength and neural drive isn't a concern for a lift then the need for longer periods of rest lessens drastically.

The idea of Crossfit isn't anything new, it's just the current big thing. Of course it "works", because the basic components of lifting and conditioning are utilized. One could do that with any half-assed routine as long as they stick to it and ensure linear progression over time. Not to mention a decent amount of exercises Crossfitters think are so amazing have been done by powerlifters since the day before forever...

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