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Originally Posted by Blue Blooded View Post
Even though Toronto lacks RHDs, I think Phaneuf is a LHD that prefers the right side. He played there in Calgary as well and has said that he prefers the right side. But he is most likely a special case, or perhaps a player that doesn't know what is best for him.
Possibly, I don't know. Toronto has one RHS in Franson but that's it. There are of course other examples. It would be odd if there wasn't a single D in this leauge that preferred to play the off-side (Christian Bäckman is the last I remember that we had). Morris and Mara are other D's that I know has moved to their "natrual" side.

But there is a reason for why coaches has become extremely strict on this all over the league. You just put so much pressure so fast on the D's along the boards that its a big disadvantage when a D gotta turn his back against the play and handle a puck with his back-hand basically every single shift when playing the off side.

Its also much easier to find the D in the attacking zone. I remember when I was playing, I had decent coaches here in Sweden and they always -- which also all teams in the SEL did -- put two D's on the ice for a PP with the sticks pointing towards each other. At the same time Detroit started using Lidström on the left side and always had a right handed D on the right side. But the thing is, that got them open. The best PKers just took away those D's with the sticks pointing in towards the ice. You couldn't make that D to D pass. Now instead the D moves into center ice and is fed by a forward moving up towards the blueline.

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