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Originally Posted by Montreal Shadow View Post
You guys are for real?

Sorry to have criticized Subban, I should have known he was perfect and had no flaw to his game.

Yesterday was a prime example of what I'm talking about and it's been going on for a few games. Even in his own zone Subban would make fancy plays instead of just getting out of it. Yesterday he could have drawn a penalty but was so caught up in his pretty plays, he ended up holding the stick of the other player and got a penalty for it. Sure the Foligno should have gotten one for hooking but had Subban simply gotten rid of him, that penalty would have never happen.

How often do we see him rush the puck and try to deke his way through the opposing team only to get stopped right at the opponent's blue line and pushed back to center ice? I'm not saying Subban should stop playing his game. I'm saying he should leave the completely unnecessary stuff at home. He can pinch whenever he wants, that's the way he plays and that's a high risk/high reward type of play but dangling through two or three forwards only to lose the puck right after is not something useful at all.

People know who he is and they fear his slapshot. A lot of the time it just gets blocked as opposed to last season where he wouldn't obviously shoot it at them when they're prepared for it. Good thing is, unlike two years ago, his shots don't go wide any more. They all expect the Subban slapper now and they're all ready for it.

Subban has many, many flaws to his game. The way he has been playing lately isn't what earned him the Norris.

Yes, Therrien is an idiot for using Bouillon and Desharnais so much but not the whole blame should fall on him. Of course Subban is probably the best player on that team by a fair margin but he could be a fair bit better and if he had kept his game like last year, he'd be much more effective. He wouldn't have necessarily more points but he would have committed much less useless mistakes.
Nobody said he's perfect. Most of the people that replied said they can live with the risks he takes because more often than not, it ends up being a scoring chance for Montreal.

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