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11-16-2013, 02:41 PM
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Originally Posted by DisgruntledGoat View Post
A perfect storm brought on by terrible management and coaching hirings, suspect goaltending, a faulty defense that they've had five years to address and never have, and an empty prospect cupboard.

I was on board with the rebuild and feel we made the right picks. But 'rebuild' implies BUILDING something... I would not have been on board if I'd known that plan actualy involved simply making slam-dunk picks, throwing said picks to the wolves, and then doing **** all else.

Which is why the draft parties and all the other celebrating was so misguided. There was a minority on this board (myself included) who took a lot of flack for realizing (and speaking out) that drafting in the top 5 year after year was not even close to being enough.

Here we are approaching year 5 of this so called rebuild and the team has fulfilled the wishes of most of this board by drafting and high and the 'rebuild' has proven to be an unqualified failure.

Proving beyond a doubt that this so called rebuild wasn't a result of a well orchestrated plan but simply the result of extreme incompetence.

Its one thing for the vast minions on this board to blindly believe that the rebuild plan had merit. But the people I feel the sorriest for are all the season ticket/Mini pack holders who bought into this rebuild nonsense almost 5 years ago. Tens of thousands of dollars later and what did that support and patience bring about....unmitigated failure.

Here we are with the season completely meaningless and it is just November....50 games yet to be played and none of them really matter. Yet another meaningless season to endure and no accountability at all.

6 rings has been the one constant throughout this whole process...validating the direction and the details that it involved. He now sits comfortably in his office day after day enjoying his position as if he had actually earned it.


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