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11-16-2013, 03:21 PM
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Originally Posted by Prongo View Post
I just don't know why you would complain about the team going out and getting 5 out of 6 points on the road trip against a couple a good teams and a rival(bitter rival at that) No, they didn't play their best hockey, but maybe we should look at that like they will get better? The team is talented, they are starting to bring it back together now. 3 games in 4 nights is tiring for anyone, pro athletes are not exempt. Also they are not in top hockey shape right now either, if they were they would hit a huge wall around January and this team would be screwed. You work through the season to get into their best shape, which is still coming.

Overall, a 6-3-2 record isn't the best, but it could have been much worse in the last 11 games, sorta like the first 8, where we were 1-7. Overall the play has been much better and the first record I stated probably indicates where this team is more than the first 8 of the year.
I doubt anybody is mad about five of six points. I'm just waiting for the next game personally, but they did absolutely just lean on the little lead they had and kind of choked it away. Not something I'm mad about, but it leaves a bitter taste in people's mouths to squander a game like that.

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