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11-16-2013, 03:45 PM
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Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
Theres an average of less than 10 days a year where the roads are this bad. I love snow days. Fortunately I have a job where I can take em.

The point that gets lost is that last night the driving conditions were treacherous for EVERYONE. Even people with snowtires were slowing down and not having much luck either.

Snow tires more needed for people that have to drive in these conditions or have to drive in out of town regions. For in city driving not really needed. People drove for generations here without any need of snowtires.

Snow tires don't keep you safe here, only driving habits do. Worst thing I was worried about today or last night was somebody rear ending me or running a light. AS a rule I slow down well before a red light and allow drivers behind me to note slow down. Sometimes I even stop farther from light if nobody is around then when someone approaches from rear I gradually approach intersection. I thus allow buffers for myself and drivers behind me. I'm even attentive enough to detect when someone behind is not paying attention to stopping. I only mention this stuff because people read it and good habits are good to spread.

That said if I was living in BC, Quebec, Ontario, Atlantic canada, I would be using snowtires. But in prairie city, not really so needed.
You are dead wrong. Vehicles and tire technology has changed dramatically in 20 years. Vehicles are lighter and tires are wider, with compounds that are not conducive to our winter weather conditions.

Drive any vehicle with and without winter tires, control and braking are vastly improved.

Naturally nothing helps idiot drivers.

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