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11-16-2013, 04:00 PM
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Originally Posted by Hammer8 View Post
You are dead wrong. Vehicles and tire technology has changed dramatically in 20 years. Vehicles are lighter and tires are wider, with compounds that are not conducive to our winter weather conditions.

Drive any vehicle with and without winter tires, control and braking are vastly improved.

Naturally nothing helps idiot drivers.
All seasons are substantially better than the crap people would be driving on 30 or 40 yrs ago. Any older driver will tell you this.

There is no dead wrong in this until facts are substantiated conclusively. Remember all those claims that ABS, antilock breaking etc was going to result in more control, less accidents? Wrong. More accidents, more serious accidents, and less driver feel and control. I trust myself more than technology. Given a choice I would never habe ABS, traction control, etc.

I'm aware of all the tech, all the stats, all the intangibles. I don't make commentary without reviewing a topic thoroughly.

Edmonton road conditions are largely un challenging and as stated very few days in a year where I even feel as if I might want different rubber. This is a prairie city, drivng in this city is plain simple even today, even yesterday, I have no trouble at all, never go off road, never lose control, never get stuck. Because I'm thinking about what I'm doing at all times.

Its an individual choice. My choice has been to be a safe driver, defensive driver, and 30yrs accident free with a ton of driving in there. All on all season radials. I've had vehicles (rentals) with snow tires and tbh I don't much like it. Changes up the feel. I prefer to feel how slippery road conditions are. different rubber kind of disguises that imo. Makes for some dangerous false sense of security and with the only usual result starting to drive faster when one shouldn't. The trouble with snow tires is they handle well in MOST situations. But when you hit a patch where they don't handle you can be in a lot of trouble because of driving faster.

I also worry about something with winter tires that most people don't worry about at all. I worry about whats coming up behind me and going to crash into me if my stopping IS subatantially different than the vehicles behind me. I just find regular all seasons makes me drive more carefully and proactively.

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