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11-16-2013, 06:21 PM
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Originally Posted by Hammer8 View Post
You are equating 30 years experience of driving as giving you the expertise to discuss winter tires.
That's like me saying I am a plumbing expert because I use the toilet several times per day.

Sorry Replacement but you are incorrect and your logic is seriously flawed. I am in the tire industry and have been for 35 years which has included drive testing winter tires.

Anyway, HNIC is starting, and the games are starting! (Buffalo/Toronto for starters!)

I will be safe and sound with my winter tires on my entire families vehicles and be on the look out for you driving with your flashers on because your tires are unable to cope with deep snow, ice and making potentially rapid steering corrections or a rapid stop. :-) (all said in good fun)

Go Oilers
heh, I suspected you were in the tire industry, just a feeling I got from having these discussions before. The bolded is of course a good point.

But again its all in fun. I just enjoy the discussion and thanks for engaging civilly. I find it a very interesting topic. I have huge interest in marketing approaches for some reason but from a consume less perspective if that makes any sense. I'm a devout nologo kind of guy.

As a consumer I'm told I now need snow tires, ABS. antilock breaks, 4wheel drive, traction control, home security, life insurance, work insurance, death insurance, medical insurance, GPS, smart phones, tech gadgets, and a whole array of "don't leave home without it" things that I never really needed before. Some of this is about getting the consumer to just consume more. People get to decide which posited needs aren't for them. Because its definitely a growth industry to tell people they need everything.

ps I find this conversation much more enjoyable then talking about the team or writing reports.

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