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Originally Posted by yoyo999 View Post

Leafs command more advertising dollars because as mentioned they generate higher ratings.

Hab fans have an option on which channel they want to watch the game. Leafs fans across canada have to watch it on CBC so everyone is funnelled to one network.

Hockey night in Canada used to be on in French on SRC, the french CBC so they technically were on nationally every Saturday. I live in the GTA and know several Torontonians who say they'd regularly flip back and forth.

if I'm not mistaken, even Quebec would get the leafs on CBC as their 7pm game. Please correct that if it's wrong though.
I was watching the Habs on an HD English channel, but I'm not exactly sure the channel number or broadcaster. I thought it was CBCMH channel 1030 but I could be wrong. It was in the 10nn range though. (I have Bell Expressvu satellite and just about every English channel offered.)

I get most games in HD English and there just a few that I have to go to RDS for (which I don't like since I only have RDS as regular definition RDS channel 123).

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