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Originally Posted by Shaby23 View Post
I just watched the post-conference by MT. I just cannot believe how much ******** he just said . He thought we played well, he said there was no lack of urgency in the third period ( LOL) , HE LOVED DD TONIGHT and etc.

Congrats on Jeremy Filosa for asking a question about how boring we look. They are SO boring this year it's unreal. Only 1 or 2 games was fun to watch this year.

Get MT out of here i'm ****ing tired of him already. And i don't care if the next coach doesn't speak French. Give me somehow who knows how to coach a team.

First off MT defending DD right now is exactly what DD needs to try and help him overcome the worst sump he ever had. DD's confidence is shattered and if MT and yes the whole team need to help DD out of this it's a good thing. Did you see how the team went nuts after DD scored the shootout goal. Everyone is trying to help DD out of this. If Dd gets back to a 60 point guy it's good for the habs, if DD gets better at all it's good for a trade value. Right now, NOBODY takes DD for free on waivers. Do you have a better idea?????????? perhaps you just want him SHOT DEAD.
The teams can't catch a break these days. I have NOT seen a bounce go habs way and into the net in 3 weeks. Price has been great making NO mistakes. How many goals against the habs came of tips, bounces, crazy plays that almost never happen or strange penalties at the worst times. DD is not the only one in a slump on the habs right now. Yet the habs are in every game with a ton of 1 goal losses.
Now the easiest thing to do is go nuts and demand firings left and right.
WHY? everyone knows the Habs needed a lot of changes. MB is doing just that one step at a time. If you can't see the new CORE yet your blind. In the NHL that has so much even teams with only 4-5 really top teams at the peek of there own building plans. DO the Habs still need about 5 real upgrades in players? YES. The draft picks at forward are simple not ready yet. Beaulieu and Tinordi will upgrade the back end a TON. Yes the habs need some BIG bodies at forward. WE ALL KNOW THAT. I bet every time MB wants to do a trade EVERYBODY wants our CORE YOUNG PLAYERS. They way you put it, lets just trade ANYBODY for ANYTHING so the Habs can win NOW, right NOW who cares about next year, your tired of seeing the Habs lose. They have been loosing for 20 years. Fire MB, fire MT, fire J Molson, fire the doctor, fire the bus driver. Start over as if you can just pick the top players from the other teams and build a winner. Good luck with that.
What if I use your way of thinking on YOU. Are you a MILLIONAIRE YET?
WHY NOT? you must be a BUM a worthless human being with NO TALENT. WHY are you still breathing? Waisting space on MY WORLD.
JUST slow down. it's the 17th November and you want to throw in the towel. The Habs should make the playoffs and YES lose again in the plasyoffs, that the current team. Next year with more changes Habs will be even better and still I expect NOT to win a cup next year.
2 years from now, hummm, now that's a very different story if more rookies pan out and MB can make some good upgrades along the way.
JUST RELAX for now. Take a pill or something, take two if you have to.
Don't get stuck always watching the mistakes, the old players, the slump players. Watch the rookies getting better, watch Price with his new found concentration. You will feel better.

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