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11-17-2013, 09:47 AM
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Originally Posted by Henkka View Post

Don't go in NCAA to avoid that. It's the reason that extended his waiver eligibility. But Nyquist wanted to go there because he was totally physically immature few years ago. He had time to build physics with less games there.

Repeating these jokes that "You're never gonna play at Wings until you are 30" does not carry this discussion anywhere.
You're waiver eligibility should not dictate when you play in the NHL. How good of a hockey player you are should. Being red wings fans has us brainwashed into even thinking that is an acceptable idea.

Physically immature? He's been ready for at least a year and a half to play in the NHL. At least that. When you have enough talent you can play in the league with a smaller build. Don't know how many guys have to prove this before we stop throwing this BS excuse out there to defend Nyquist's mismanaged development.

Edit: I'm not just "repeating these jokes". I responded to a post talking about fans that boo would create a bad environment, and may deter free agents. A fair point. I countered with what we do to our prospects, not playing them until 25 in some cases, also could create a bad environment. In my opinion that is a fair point as well.

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