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11-17-2013, 11:29 AM
Bill McNeal
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Originally Posted by waffledave View Post
I'm actually starting to wonder if Geoff Molson purposely put a bunch of inept morons in Bergevin and Therrien in place so they could completely **** up and he could gain public support to abolish the "everyone must be french" rule.
He chose the management team we have now because he doesn't want to upset the cash cow. Molson is in the hockey business to make money first, and if he can win and add a bit more to the pile then even better.

Problem is that Montreal is in the unique situation that they're already almost maximizing potential profit. Sure, a few extra playoff games would line Molson's pockets with a little more cash, but he's already making money hand over fist. Whereas most teams in this league have extra monetary incentive to build a contender just so they aren't in the red at the end of the year, Molson just has to go along without rocking the boat. And hiring certain people that will piss off a substantial portion of the fanbase is rocking the boat.

So management is content to go along with their archaic hiring rules because even in a best case scenario, a championship team will what, have a legitimate Cup window for 3-5 years in a 2 decade span?

All that being said, even if I'm not impressed with Bergevin so far he was a legitimate candidate for the position and I have no qualms with the hiring. At least we didn't recycle a previous GM or a former Hab. And I'm sure Bergevin would love to have more freedom with respect to his managerial decisions, but the onus is on Molson to change the team's philosophy.

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