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01-21-2004, 10:22 PM
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Originally Posted by Trottier

Hahn's not supposed to be "balanced" when answering his mailbag! It is essentially a column as opposed to a report. As for not being "accurate," if one's opinion differs from your's or mine it doesn't make it inaccurate, necessarily. Your accusation that he is addressing this under a guise is bizarre, to be kind. It's out there in public for all to see.

Shielding Peca? From what? Accusations from fans who don't appreciate his contribution and the superb game he has been playing for the last month+? Some of us, Hahn included, do. Just a difference of opinion.
you think this 'mailbag' is out there for all to see???? I'm sure those Newsday readers that get the paper delivered or buy it somewhere hunt down Hahn's mailbag. In that column, Hahn is addressing what he HAS NOT BEEN WRITING.

I think your opinion of fans appreciations of Peca's contributions of the last month is 'inaccurate' ... NYI fans had a problem with Peca for the 1st four months of the season when was not contributing to the team as a complete player. His play has won him back the fan support - he deserved the criticism that Hahn, as the NYI beat writer, failed to write in the PAPER.

While Hahn's column is informal, he has plenty of space in HIS paper column to address the non-trade issues he discusses in the mailbag. There is nothing in the 'mailbag' he is not permitted to address in the paper.

and Hahn on Hamrlik, Niinimaa??? where are those columns? praises or criticisms...that's not balance.

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