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11-17-2013, 12:35 PM
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Originally Posted by Kriss E View Post
Actually, the Martin system never supported the dump and chase strategy. Martin was big on collapsing in front of our goalies and a fast counter attack. He also wanted players to carry the puck inside the zone. We started playing D&C when RC took over.

But this Therrien is brutal. His player management is brutal, but so is his weak system and inability to adapt. Last year, he benefited from a healthy line up, very much like Carbo did when we finished 1st. I don't think Therrien is as bad as Carbo, but still, he was just lucky. He had a healthy squad, a 3rd overall pick, the return of Markov, and the emergence of PK. All his guys clicked, we had two amazing rookies, and guys like Plekanec and Max were still producing quite well. So he had 3 lines to put out there.
Kind of easy to get good results when all is clicking and you have players wanting to impress their new coach and GM. As soon as we started facing adversity though, towards the end of the season, we completely collapsed. People turned face and rather make up this belief that Emelin was actually the key player here, a #4 Dman that's often caught off position suddenly became our MVP. But no, it was just a case of the good old Therrien incapable of adjusting. This year, we're seeing it even more.
People focus on player management because that's what sticks out the most.
In the NHL, player management is important but it is the emotional tie that allows fans to gripe about "player use".

In the NHL, offensive and defensive strategies, schemes and systems are what loses games or win championships.

Too bad for us that Therrien sucks at both. The biggest harm to this team, though, is Therriens' approach to the game of hockey on offense and defense.

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