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11-17-2013, 01:14 PM
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I think if GSP's mental issues settle down and he's able to concentrate on training he could come back and defeat Hendricks. I think GSP learned more about Hendricks, and about himself, than Hendricks learned about GSP.

First of all, the template is there to defeat Hendricks. Don't attempt to takedown or grapple with Hendricks. Keep him at a distance with leg kicks and jabs. Whenever GSP clinched with Hendricks he either lost position or was hit with short uppercuts. Whenever he attempted a takedown, elbows to the head. Those wore GSP down. Yes he got caught in the second round, but he was a bit rattled from those elbows in the first round.

The game plan for the next fight should be circle, jab, leg strikes, mid section leg kicks, liver shots. That's how you defeat Hendricks, keep him at a distance. Round 3 showed the way. GSP did the opposite in the other rounds, he closed the distance with a guy with powerful short arms with at least comparable wrestling ability.

It's going to be a long road back for GSP though with his issues. He needs to focus to beat Hendricks, but he can do it. Hendricks already showed his hand. GSP also overcame his fear since Serra of trading shots.

GSP should train body shots. You can't knock out that big bearded head.

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