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01-21-2004, 10:36 PM
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Originally Posted by RE-HABS
Tick, tick, tick...48 hours almost up and O'Neill still a Hurricane and scoring in bunches to boot.

Bill Watters, looks like he is as good at getting a trade rumor as he is at faxing a trade into the NHL head office for before the NHL deadline for players to re-enter the Draft (the Toronto-Boston trade for Hoglund/Wanvig fiasco).
That wasn't the first time Watters screwed up either. The Leafs originally drafted Matt Cooke, but he went back into the draft two years later. The Leafs had worked out a contract with him a few weeks before he was to re-enter the draft, but they left the paperwork sitting around and forgot to fax it into the league. (Watters' fault.) As a result, he re-entered the draft and the Canucks picked him.

As a Leaf fan, I have to agree... Watters is a complete tool. I have no idea why he stuck around as long as he did (I guess b/c he's good at kissing ass?) He should have been fired along with Fletcher years ago. I laugh at the suggestion that because he's well off and has a job talking about hockey he must be intelligent. He is a decent businessman/lawyer, and that is all. He doesn't understand hockey any better than most of us.

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