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Originally Posted by Lafleurs Guy View Post
As I said above, we're going to lose him one way or the other. Either to trade or old age. He's not going to be the same player in three years that he is now. He's already lost a step.
He's still better than any available defenseman for the money he will command. If you don't get better by a trade, no reason to do it.

We're not contenders anyway. What it would do is extend the window for us to win. If we were winning this year like last, maybe a different story. But we're at an 'in between stage' and it's probably going to be a few years before we start winning.
That's why you need someone to mentor the kids that come up, I don't think Subban is up to that task just yet.

And if we're going to keep Markov and go for it? Then deal some prospects for vets and go for it now. But do one or the other...
I don't want to sell the future for a bunch of vets that might or might not click and instead we'll end up like the Rangers of a few years past. All vets and no team.

The reason why was offense. Our team was almost always bottom third in goals for and always top top ten in goals against. Markov's presence in the lineup made a HUGE difference to a mediocre offense and games that we'd normally win 2-1 were now won 2-1 instead. THAT was his value and it still is.
How is that bad thing?

He declined big time. Was way out of shape... Happens to a lot of guys in their 30s. Look at Robero Alomar. One year he's great then after an offseason he comes back terrible. Doesn't happen all the time but it happens to guys. Some just fall off a cliff and that's what happened to Kaberle.
He was injured and hasn't played in almost 2 years, he's shown he's rebounded quite well so far this season.

Are you old enough to remember Kaberle in his prime? You aren't giving the guy near enough credit. He was a lot like Markov. As good? I wouldn't say so but others would. They were certainly comparable back in the day.
Markov was consensus top 10 in the league prior to his injuries. Can't say the same about Kaberle.

You aren't watching the games closely enough. And if Emelin comes back and they're split up, this will become very obvious.
I'm willing to take you up on this.

Hab fans have always overrated the guy's D. He was never a liability but he was never great.
Let's say that we Habs fan do that, what about the rest of the fan bases? As I said before, the guy was consensus top 10 in the league prior to injury.

If he was, he'd have been nominated for the Norris
So you think Karlsson is better than Markov too?

Only time will tell if Subban and Karlsson belong with the likes of Lidstrom, Bourque and Chelios but right now I hesitate to classify them as such.

Markov was never that calibre of player. He'd never be listed among the top blueliners like Neidermayer or Pronger or Chara or Lidstrom. On the flipside PK has already won a Norris at a very young age. He actually can be compared to the best in the league. He's THAT good. Markov never was.

Originally Posted by intylerwetrust View Post
Presently, who is the best defencemen in the NHL (from the list), or who would you want for next season only (independent of: linemates, team he plays for, injury/injury proneness, salary, etc)?

1. Lidstrom 38%
2. Chara 45%
3. Weber 41%
4. Pronger 37%
5. Keith 43%
6. Suter 53%
7. Doughty 70%
8. Boyle 23%
9. Markov 20%
10. Enstrom 20%
I'm not. And I don't want to do this. I just think that Montreal fans have overrated Markov for a long time. He's not in that top tier of blueliners in his generation. He's in the 2nd tier. And there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. He's had a great career and is STILL very good.
Again, the link above says we're not the only ones that thought highly of him. He's still very good indeed and perhaps if he hadn't gotten injured he would have been far greater but to write him off or trade him right now would be a huge mistake.

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