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11-17-2013, 05:18 PM
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Originally Posted by Andros777 View Post
Fighting sports have been part of every civilized society from Ancient Greece down to the present and were participated in by many people who are generally considered to have been "smart". So your attempt to put martial arts with all it's "stupid" proponents on one side and yourself on the other smacks of ignorance and arrogance.

And as far as calling it "just violence" goes. I don't see how your opinion on this sport is any more valuable or insightful than the person who thinks hockey is just a bunch of guys batting a puck around with a stick and painting is just throwing paint at a canvas. You clearly haven't ever seriously watched a fight before.
Jumping to conclusions... I never stated I didn't like it

Also the ''it has been like that forever'' argument is bad. We had slaves for milleniums... Why stop? I surely would like to have 4-5 slaves around my house.

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