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Originally Posted by Lshap View Post
The Habs didn't change their style, the opposition changed their style against the Habs.

Before Therrien, Montreal played a cautious offensive game and most teams gave them space and waited for those annoying chips and dumps. Montreal had room but was afraid to use it. Last season, Montreal switched to a quick, aggressive breakout pass that gave them neutral zone control and moved them up ice fast with the puck on their sticks. Huge difference.

Unfortunately, other teams have adjusted. They're now rushing our defence deep in our zone, interrupting our breakout passes and forcing us back into chips, flips and desperate long passes that end up as icing whistles. Habs have lost their set-up pass to forwards, which means they've lost the neutral zone.
You may be right. But even our play in the offensive zone has changed. Our Ds used to chip in a lot more so that the other teams were caught in their zone a long time cause we always had a fourth guy helping out. Now it's the teams that do this very thing to us.

What's worrisome is that one team realised the flaw in the Habs' system and now everybody is using this against us now. Last game, they just couldn't get out of the zone.

Nevertheless, Therrien may blame his players all he wants but it's the coaching staff that's failing to adjust. They need to do something.

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