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Originally Posted by Souffle View Post
That is a good discussion point, and I did consider it. I just try to keep my posts short because otherwise they seem to get ignored (or maybe there are other reasons, whatever).

But to the point: it's the type of error. Unforced errors, needlessly risky plays that create a clear chance for the other team when they go awry, arguably have nothing to do with linemates. It's the decision to deke a guy at centre ice or flip a little backhand pass through the middle that's the problem, and having Crosby on the ice at the same time doesn't really make it better or worse.

Now, where it may be relevant is if we argue that Subban's facepalm errors are because he's trying to do too much. He's exposing himself because he's that committed to doing anything possible to win a game. And if he had a Crosby on the ice with him, well, he wouldn't force plays. He would bring the steadiness you want in that type of tournament and also measured flair, where it can't hurt the team at a critical time.

Maybe that's the case. He was that guy at the WJC. Believe in that part of Subban's game, and he should be there -- what's the downside? But from what I've watched of him, I see an extremely talented athlete who gets caught too often, which makes me (pretending to be Team Canada) nervous about bringing him to play best on best in a short tournament where one mistake at the wrong time can be far more important than in any one game in an 82 game regular season.
The man has the talent to star for team Canada. Don't compare the calibre of the team he plays for with the talent he would be surrounded with on Canada. Better players means fewer risks and more opportunities. I don't fault him for trying to do the best he can even if he gets caught sometimes. Better he tries and gets burned than playing safe and doesn't give a flying fadoo.

Not sure why so many people here bash PK. This guy will be the face of the franchise for years to come and is a fierce competitor. I want to see him thrive in these situations. Gives him the experience he needs to come back to the Habs and be a role model.

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