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Originally Posted by Lafleurs Guy View Post
You've got a bunch of strawman arguments here. "How is that a bad thing?" Really?

Dude, don't waste my time...

If/when they're split, you'll see what I'm talking about. We saw it last season and we saw it at the start of this one. Markov isn't doing the heavy lifting on that line.

Doesn't mean he's not good.

As for Kaberle... again, Leaf fans had him in the top ten in his prime. Same with Hab fans for Markov. Neither though were in that top tier group. Top ten for either one? Maybe. You want to say Markov was better? Sure, I'd say he was too. But not by much. And ten years from now when their careers are over neither will be remembered as a dominant blueliner with the exception of some in their respective fan bases. Good blueliners but not in the top tier.
Strawman arguments? lol really? So you see winning games that we usualy would lose is a bad thing. Gotcha. Great logic and argument there buddy.

You said he was overrated by Habs fans and I show you a poll prior to his injuries where non-Habs fans voted and he's coming up top 10 and all you can muster is "don't waste my time"

When you have no argument, pack it in instead of being obstinate in the face of facts.

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