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11-17-2013, 11:21 PM
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Originally Posted by Lshap View Post
Yup. Last night's game was like watching a 55-minute penalty-kill. Painful. It's easy to say we just need bigger defensemen who can punish opposing forwards (a legit strategy, actually), but going with the horses we have means keeping our speed game and working on a different way to move the puck to our forwards.

Gallagher's style is perfect for this -- he backchecks and is always on the puck, moving it out. Plekanec, Bournival, Gionta, Moen are also good at helping out in their own zone. Problem is the defensively-challenged half of our forwards -- mostly Desharnais, Briere, Bourque -- who leave the D stranded.

As to the D, Diaz is the perfect example of last year's system struggling to upgrade to system.2. He's no longer given time to make that great first pass and he can't overpower anyone. He gets stuck. Bouillon is more physical in the corners but less agile everywhere else, which is why he's been horribly out of position so often.

Maybe that's the strategy! Diabolically brilliant! Implement the Halak-Protocal by allowing 40+ shots per game and transform your head-case goalie into Patrick Roy.
Good point about Diaz, he really seem like the D most affected about the change. He's hardly a puck-moving D right now. And how some guys like DD, Frodo and Bourque are affected by it, cause they've never been good defensively.

All in all cause MT is having them play a 5-men coverage defensive style and not everybody can do it.

As for the goalie, my philosophy is that when he becomes too important in a game, it's cause you're doing something wrong.

We have to go back to last year's speed game but like you said if the league has figured how to counter that system, the team is either ****ed or they have to do something else. I'm not sure if the coaching staff has the brain power to figure it out.

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