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12-25-2006, 07:44 PM
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No. I never took many penalties as it was, and I realise they were just trying to do their job out there. I'll say something politely if I think he missed the call (usually a perfunctory "bad call, ref"). I think I may have mouthed off once, but it was during a very intense, tight game, the ref realised that and didn't tack on anything else. I apologized to him afterwards.

I was thrown out of one game. My team was getting hosed all game by one particular referee. Midway through the third, the opposition had ten power plays to our one. It was so bad the other team, up big at this point, was actually embarrased by it. Four of our players (and our coach) had been tossed from the game for complaining. We had just received another ridiculous penalty, a double-minor. I went out to kill the penalty and our centerman, lining up for the faceoff, said "how much do you have riding on white, ref?" I simply added, "no <bleep>." He tossed us both. We skated back to the bench laughing to tell the assistant we were gone.

After that, our team went a little nuts, and five more players were thrown out. The game was called on account of a league rule saying that if X amount of players were thrown out of the game, then it was a forfeit. The league fined our team, but the ref was let go at the end of that season.

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