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Originally Posted by Jabba11 View Post
Everybody talks about GSP, but no one talks about Hendricks. The guy just doesn't have anything other than his fists and having about 20 pounds more than all other Welterweight contestants, including GSP. His arms are short and he isn't well rounded. Once GSP retires, the man who's gonna do it all in the 170 lbs division is none other than Carlos Condit. Next time, when GSP won't be there anymore, Condit and Hendricks will go for 5 rounds and I can assure you that the pace and tempo that Condit puts on will be so much for Hendricks to handle. It's called MMA.. can't be a champion if you're only a wrestler or a striker. Cain Velasquez is a well rounded fighter, Weidman and Silva are extremely well rounded,and Jone Bone Jones is a true MMA fighter. No way Hendricks will last on the top of this division after GSP retires.
Condit is very well rounded, but he is not dominant enough to retain the title for very long if he wins it. Whichever fighter becomes the next champ, he has to be as good or better than GSP to hold the title for any length of time.

I think you underestimate Hendricks. You don't need to be awesome in every department, just be able to neutralize other fighters strengths while having at least one dominant dimension. That's been GSPs secret to success. If GSP can't take Hendricks down, no welter weight can. That means any time Hendricks chooses too, it becomes a stand up fight. And he's pretty good there. Great chin, powerful strikes, good timing.

He's beatable though, but has to be someone with equally strong takedown defense and very solid striker. If Hendricks can takedown GSP, he can takedown Condit, and that's game.

GSP has been finding it harder and harder because WWs today are bigger and nearing his equal as a wrestler. His standup reflexes also seem a bit slow. I can't believe how many times he exposed himself to clean shots while trying to take down that human tree trunk.

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