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11-18-2013, 07:13 AM
Spero Meliora
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Had the best game of my young hockey career last night. 6 shots on goal, a goal and an assist...was actually pretty frustrated because I got a bunch of scoring chances that I didn't score.

Ended up coming away from the game kind of upset because with about a minute to go the game was tied 3 - 3 and there was a faceoff. I was playing the right wing and we lost the faceoff which was pushed back to the point. I immediately was skating out to the point and the winger from their team yelled at his defenceman to shoot and then skated right into my path and hit me with a knee on knee that took me down and out of the play...they scored on the shot. So I am laying on the ice and I turn to look at the ref and he is pointing at the goal being good, and before I can even say anything he goes 'don't even start'.

Like I don't even understand that -- so yeah I was pretty upset and said some things afterwards and had to cool down. All around though it was a good game. Hoping to build on this one...3 points 3 games 1 goal in my 2nd ever hockey season is fun.

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