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11-18-2013, 07:32 AM
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Originally Posted by Grant McCagg View Post
So if I'm reading this correctly.since others in the division have made big trades, whether it makes sense or not, Bergevin should do so as well?

Sure - make a big trade if it's going to benefit the team, but how often does a steal come along? Nobody's giving away stars on the other 29 teams.

This team has not played with a healthy lineup all season - last night was the closest to that, and that was with several guys playing less than 100 per cent in Gally, Patch, Emelin, Moen and Prust. Why not give the players a few games together healthy before looking at anything drastic? I'm glad that Bergevin isn't a completely reactionary GM like Houle. He hasn't even had this roster for a full season yet

I would imagine Bergevin wouldn't mind dealing Desharnais, but what other team wants that contract? What's the demand for 5-7 centermen on pace for 4 points with $14M owed to them?

With a healthy lineup, this team might be pretty good, especially if Therrien can resist the temptation to play Desharnais and Bouillon on power plays, and at the end of games etc. Unfortunately that's a big if.

why not try this lineup for a few games:

Chucky Eller Gally
Patch Pleks Gionta
Bourny Briere Bourque
Prust White Moen/Parros

Subban Markov
Emelin Gorges
Diaz Bouillon/Murray

Moreso than a big trade....something needs to be done with Desharnais. It's time for the organization to own up to the mistake and deal with the issue sooner rather than later, or the season will be lost.

Bergevin needs to swallow his pride and demote him, Molson needs to stop worrying about making money and approve the move with nary a blink, and Therrien needs to move on from the man crush he has on David..never to be given the opportunity to play him in the last minute of a hockey game again.
Some good points here. Personally I'd swap Gionta with Bournival in your lineup but otherwise I think it looks good. Also we may have to start thinking about putting Markov with Emelin on the 2nd pairing. Also, I'd call up Tinordi and have him and Diaz on the 3rd. That's about it for monkeying with what we already have.

Again though, it comes down to direction and us having to pick a path. This team always seems to half rebuild half go for it. The Markov situation is an interesting one now because it's time to re-up with him. Well, if we do re-up with him he's got maybe a couple of years of playing at a good level. So if you sign him then we should probably look at making some moves to try to win now.

However, I don't think we're good enough to really contend even with Markov playing well. I actually think we'd be better off dealing him for a guy who might not be as good but can help us for longer - extending our window.

Signing Markov and then not doing anything else though (which is what I think will happen) doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me.

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