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11-18-2013, 08:42 AM
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Brière is only a stopgap, to add some offense in the regular season, and momentum in the playoffs (if we make it there). Last year was a fluke, look at the way we finished. Now, drop the kids line and Subban/Markov/Price, what do we have ? A probable bottom feeder.

To some extent, I'm pretty sure Bergevin doesn't panic, and that in fact, that's something he had planned. See, that's why we can't have a proper rebuild here, people ALWAYS PANIC whenever something goes wrong. Imagine we trade Gionta (NTC I know, 'imagine' is important here), Plekanec (would hate that, but well... ), DD (major ), Brière (), Gorges (yup), Bouillon (major ), etc., basically all our vets (and junk) for picks and prospects, and we play some Hamilton kids instead... we drop fast in the rankings, but here, at least, we know we're tanking and we rebuild (even though some will still panic, but those must be insecure in their lives, poor things). Now, the basic fan don't know what's happening, you tell them, but they don't understand, they want to win, otherwise it sucks. Whatever. But, they buy less and less Habs stuff, they even think about not buying tickets for a game they were supposed to ! Drama ! Less and less $$$ for Molson, more stupid melodramatic stuff from supposed hockey analysts and pseudo-journalists, basic fans believe those said idiots, then buys less and less, and that spiral of 'doom' goes on...

See, I've hated DD contract since the beginning, I don't like Brière (even though I understand the purpose), I don't like Bouillon (well it's not really his fault, he's overused, see next point), and I really don't like Therrien. He's doing the same antics that had him fired the first time, and fired from Pittsburgh... even though I'm a fan, and I love when we win, somehow, I hope Therrien lose the team, and that we hire Laviolette or Boucher (ultra-defensive, I know, but he knows some of the kids here from coaching them in Hamilton, would help), and I hope people stop thinking we have a great team. We don't.

Major moves ? Those will happen if we continue to lose only. Seems we can't even do a minor move by trading DD... (the Cole-Ryder/3rd was pretty good, management wise, though...)

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