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11-18-2013, 10:25 AM
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Originally Posted by FinnHab View Post
MB doesnt sack Therrien, at least not this season. Im more concern about our roster, we lack goal scorers and DD is dead weight with his humongous ice time. We need quality players and badly.
We have Plek-MaxPac-Gally-Galla-Eller-Gionta-Bourque-Briere-DD, I mean fine, it's not an all-star group, but there's no reason for us to not be able to score goals.
We had the same roster last year except Ryder instead of Briere, and we had no issues scoring. Matter of fact, our depth was our strength last season.
Replacing Ryder with Briere was dumb and gave us less flexibility. I'm not sure what Bergevin was thinking in getting Briere, really, he was such a horrible fit it makes no sense for him to have been targeted. Still, Therrien should have used him as a center right away. Instead he was put on the wing next to another midget meaning MaxPac was relied upon to win all board battles because the smurfs can't do it. Not surprisingly, that didn't really work. Asking DB to start playing winger on that line was dumb, then he gets concussed, again, surprise surprise..Now he seems to be in the dog house.
I was saying throughout camp, Therrien should have been trying different line combinations to see what could work.
Briere wasn't used as a center, neither was Galchenyuk, DD-MaxPac were together seeing how they're siamese twins, Therrien stuck with the exact same pairs.
He gave them a few games here and there, while letting the kids do their thing. Now all but one kid was kept, so ya, that's a waste of camp for me.

Anyways, there's no reason for us to be struggling to score so much.

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