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11-18-2013, 10:57 AM
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I've been to 26 different NHL arenas. I've encountered a lot of nice people, some indifferent , some rude. I usually have a great time talking to people.
But never the hostile in your face behavior of these Hawks fans.
I'm not intimidating, I'm not drunk. I don't give a damn how many f bombs are dropped around me.
But I will not be aggressively harassed by male or female drunks anymore.

Frankly it makes me sad that so many people I know, did not go to the game specifically for the reason they did not want to put up with boorish drunk nastiness.

And as for all of you saying you're a little more tolerant--- I bet you didn't have someone outweighing you by 200 lbs pushing you, spitting in your face cursing you out, and pinning you in where you couldn't move. And if you saw that happening to a woman and didn't speak up.........shame on you.

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