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Originally Posted by SavageSteve View Post
I don't blame you for feeling that way at all. Alcohol makes lots of people stark, raving idiots and spending money seems to give some of the travelers an unwarranted sense of entitlement. But yes I agree that there needs to be a way for folks who just want a good night out to report unruly fans and the team needs to work on that. We watched the fight break out in 304 about ten rows or so below us and have to give props to the Blackhawks fans in and around 304 Row S adjacent to us for admitting the stupidity we all had seen and even had a lot of 'nice game for y'all' congrats as they left at the end.

Luckily I rarely have the intimidating fan issue towards me being almost the size of a NFL lineman and have my seats on the perch of 303/304 where I hold the high ground. I chose those not only for the ledge to put my things when I went to the games and was handy the several times I brought the family, but also for the history I used to watch at Hawks/Blues games at the old Arena/Checkerdome in StL growing up (yes I went 'native' here in Tennessee against my hockey roots). There used to be many a fight between Chicagoan and Brewery worker from StL in the stands at those games in the 80's and a push down the stairs was often the demise of many a drunk fan. It was awful and exciting for a kid at the same time; but having a family also doesn't make me really want to be in a Chapelle segment of 'Keepin' it Real Gone Wrong' at a hockey game, so logically I chose the defensive position. I had a drunk kid from StL once try to give me a load of BS to pick a fight and his buddies and I just looked at him and said that those stairs look awfully far down... He was pretty quiet about taunts the rest of the game and his buddies bought me a beer or two... Maybe I just need to swap out seats with you next time the Hawks are in town!!!

Preds need to market this idea--- instead of keeping the red out--- Chicago is invading-- buy an extra seat for your "bodyguard"...

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