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11-18-2013, 12:47 PM
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What's wrong with bringing Ruiz back? Weiters is younger, but its not like he's some spring chicken. I'm cool with Ruiz coming back for another year or two (hell or three if he can play). He can always be traded, released, bought out, etc. Contract terms (unless truly ridiculous) are not that big of an issue in baseball. Phillies have the money to spend and there isn't too much else out there they are going to be signing I think, certainly not something that this signing will prevent.

I guess what I'm saying is if the contract is your problem...get over it. It's not like there is a salary Cap or the Phillies are going to now have to forgo signing an integral piece because of this signing. If you think Chooch just simply can't play anymore, that is a more reasonable argument and I can understand that POV. I personally think he has another year or two left in the tank to put up solid numbers, and he's no slouch on defense either.

The Byrd contract makes a lot less sense than this one. My hope is that Byrd is going to be a bench player and someone else is going to be brought in...but we'll see.

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