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11-18-2013, 03:08 PM
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Originally Posted by pine View Post
We had a chance to surgically tank last year. We didn't. Maybe it was for the best, maybe for the worse. Who knows. Picking up a Drouin, Mackinnon or Jones could have been good for this team
I don't know about tanking, but this how i see the team:

I think it's becoming clear that the Montreal Canadiens GM's are a bit like the city of Montreal's mayors. They come in with a good intentions to turn things around, but then they come to realize that other forces of nature (ownership group (Habs) or a variety of criminal networks (Montreal)) lead them to make decisions that they wouldn't have made otherwise.

I think Bergevin came in with the mindset to re-build the team through the draft, bring in players with grit and a winning mentality. I think he accomplished most of that in his first year, but unfortunately the team began to win a lot (yes unfortunately) and with it came a renewed hope that we were better team than expected. I think the 2nd place finish brought on the kind of signings that come with the "winning now" mentality instead of the "building for the future" mindset. Had we had an average season last year like we probably should have, we probably wouldn't have gone after a guy like Briere who's average but is known for being clutch in the playoffs. We also probably would have been content with playing youngsters like Beaulieu and Tinordi, since the pressure of duplicating last year's 2nd place finish wouldn't be there. Instead we signed guys like Murray and Drewiskie to solidify our D, but they are clearly just a waste of money and space on the roster.

All to say that I don't know how much carte blanche Bergevin has to do what he wants with this team. I think if the team sucks, he can go back to his plan. But as long as they eek into the playoffs, he's forced to make the kind of decisions that subscribe to the kind of mentality we hated with Gainey and Gauthier, which was to hold on to players for too long and get nothing for them.

So sad as is to say, I'm kind of hoping the team fails this year. Because i think the best thing for the organization is to trade Markov for a 1st rounder and get rid of as many other deadwood type players that we have at the deadline, and continue to build with players that actually look like they give a damn. Not to say that Markov doesn't care, but it doesn't take a psychic to see that signing him to another 3 year/ 18m or so deal is not smart management. He'll be 35 soon and he can't possibly keep up this good form for the next 3 1/2 years. It seems obvious to me that if someone wants to give us a great deal at the deadline for him, we have to take it.

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