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11-18-2013, 03:34 PM
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Originally Posted by ted1971 View Post
Crossfit is only good if the person training you actually knows on what They are doing. If You notice, there is a lot of bad form used when doing Crossfit exercises.
I dont think that ONLY applies to Crossfit. That applies in everything actually. I mean in hockey alone, there are plenty of people who go out there with bad skating form, bad shooting form, bad checking form. And all those can be bad for performance and your endurance and health. Same goes for bad positioning which hurts yourself and your team.

But back to fitness.

Bad form is everywhere as well. For example, I cringe everytime at my gym (LA fitness) and I try so hard to ignore it and focus on myself but I cant help but to gasp or look like I saw a ghost.

Were talking about people using a swinging motion with their back to curl dumbbells.
Were talking about people going for HUGE squats and not even getting close to a REAL squat but they dc cuz then they can say they did that weight
Also, I see plenty of people doing benching and having their back lopsided to lift heavy

I never understood trying to always MAX out. You will see far better gains if you do weights you can handle for most of the time and just do more of it.

What else? I can probably go all day.
Machines? People dont do real reps. They do halfsies and usually with poor form and thats on a machine.

Sitting. Not even an exercise. But most people sit or stand for hours at end in the day. They do it incredibly wrong and ruin their bodies

Same with eating

So lets not blame Crossfit here. Its like anything else.

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