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12-26-2006, 01:00 PM
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Originally Posted by Taz View Post
Im looking to buy a full set of equipment:

I have checked out: (UK) (UK + no charge for postage as i can pick them up) (USA)
3 more places in the UK I can recommend:

Just Hockey Our team gets orders though them and they helped us get our jerseys done. Ordered from them on and off for a few years now, they always seem friendly and have emailled back to answer any questions I've had about equipment in stock or items I've wanted that weren't stocked. This is where I've ordered my new skates from.

Hockey Range I can't recall ordering anything large form them, just little bits and pieces, tape, stick blades, laces, etc. They always ship stuff out quickly and are very pleasent to talk to on the phone. On one order I placed for a stick blade, the one I wanted had been replaced by a newer, more expensive version. They sold me the new one for the cost of the cheaper, old one.

Proline skates Again, only ordered bits and pieces from them but they provide a good service. Well worth checking out.

And from overseas, I can recommend:

Epuck who have always answered my many questions sent by email, and provided a service which I would be happy to use any time in the future. Usually, once I have placed an order, I have the kit in my hands within about 5 days.

Inline Warehouse and Ice Warehouse Ordered some kit from them a few months ago just to try them out and again, like epuck, very good service. All questions answered and almost all kit arrived within a week of order.

From the places you mentioned, Crazy Kennys have been good on the 2 occassions I ordered from them. Iceisus were a little less impressive. I heard about them from a friend who placed an order for a Warrior stick blade, which took over a month to arrive. That could be due to them or the availability of Warrior products, not sure. I tried emailling them about some products and it took them over 2 weeks to reply. Of course, if you can pick things up from them, there might be no trouble whatsoever.

A few more places you may want to check out (im not familiar with these places):
TA Sports (from the NASN site)
Hockey Office
Demon Xtreme

Best of luck getting your kit, hope it all goes smoothly for you

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